What is deadstock fabric and how Finesse Active is upcycling it?

deadstock fabric, factory deadstock fabric


Deadstock fabrics are the leftover fabrics of brands and manufacturers who have over-ordered fabric, or of textile mills that have overproduced.

At Finesse, we want to end fashion waste. Sounds simple. But we know that this is not easy - it takes the right mindset and dedicated effort to design, manufacture and sell clothes differently. One of the methods we have thought off is to utilise these deadstock fabrics - high-quality materials from luxury fashion houses and quality manufacturers - before they reach landfill, incineration or low grade downcycling.

As someone who was born into a family that runs a textile business, I have seen with my own eyes, lots of fabric waste that did not make it to the end-users. These unwanted (e.g. cancelled orders), end-of-line, overproduced yet high quality material end up in a vast warehouse behind the factory, lying dormant, potential wasted. I could not just let this be, and so, with Finesse, I want to utilize this material, upcycling it into useful, high-end activewear.

*Photo taken at our warehouse in Aug, 2022

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